TrustWho LLC is a methodology, built on years of experience and research in online trade, designed to prevent scammers and thieves from fraudulently purchasing online goods. The sale and transfer of online Intangible goods is typically fraught with issues of fraud and culpability. more...


The verification for Trust Who is a way of making sure the person you're ordering from is really the person they say they are. Among other things, the Trust Who verification is used to confirm the location and identity of the person ordering the verification in the first place. Put more simply, the purpose of Trust Who is to remove the anonymity of the Internet in online trades. more...


  • Less than 0.3% Fraud Rate
  • Online Authentication
  • Easy integration of API
  • Added online security

  • Geographical confirmation
  • Linking user identity to Email account
  • Removes the anonymity of the Internet
  • Identity Verification

  • Secure user rating system
  • Creates a business to user connection for TrustWho Business sites.
  • Low risk payment alternatives for high risk customer transactions

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